Glen Bellamy Bio:

Glen BellamyI have always been drawn to the beauty and power of the natural world, and when I paint, my desire is to capture and convey its moods; the complex interaction of light and shadow on a landscape, a sense of quiet, and the visual, nuanced textures of what we perceive as real. 

My primary medium is egg tempera, a medium used as far back in history as ancient Egypt. Egg tempera consists of powdered pigment mixed with the yolk of an egg and some distilled water. It is applied in layers until the desired effect is achieved, and I make my own paint daily in my studio. 

Egg tempera has a very naturalistic look and feel, which organically lends itself very readily to natural landscapes. The paintings are done on braced masonite panels that are sanded and then coated in gesso. Following that, the layering of the paint can sometimes take many months, and I usually work with only one or two colors at a time, on any given day. 

I also paint in watercolor, and these are usually detailed studies used as references for the larger, more involved tempera paintings. Watercolor also has a soft, natural look and feel, as well as a wonderful flowing quality. 

Regardless of the medium, I begin each piece with a very loose, washy-kind of under-painting, followed by a tight, extremely detailed dry-brush technique. This process, while time consuming, allows me to discover the details and intricacies that bring life to the subject. 

With each painting, I strive to involve the viewer in such a way that the apparent reality of the subject matter serves as a key to unlock emotional responses that are visually, and viscerally, powerful and engaging. 

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  • Home of the Wind
    Home of the Wind
  • Out of the North
    Out of the North
  • Drifters
  • January Still
    January Still
  • The Relic
    The Relic
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