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Jim Bailey Bio:

Jim BaileyLong ago and far, far away in a distant era, I received a degree in commercial art/advertising design.  Back then it wasn’t entirely out of the question to see a dinosaur or two.  The dinos have since died out but I’m still around (thanks to fast food). 

Time has been good to me. I have a wife who still loves me, three terrific grown kids who are off my payroll, two rambunctious grandsons and two very sweet granddaughters. It doesn’t get much better.  Being a licensed general contractor for 40+ years has paid the bills and educated the kids but my passion has always been art. 

My favorite medium is pastels and I’m particularly fond of doing portraits of humans and animals, including caricatures.  I work from a photo you provide so the subject doesn’t get cranky from having to sit for hours on end and stare into nothingness while I work. Now and then something in nature will tickle my fancy and I’ll capture its essence on a canvas.  It’s very gratifying as well as humbling when someone appreciates the works I create. 

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